I Stopped Listening to the Media

#I_Awakened to understand gushing grandeur of my sovereign visionary wizardry sprees my spirit gifts of genuine innovative foresight tantalizing safari savvy to grasp my life is a vibrant voyager xperiencing lionizing […]

Visceral Gallantry

#I_feel my forthright effrontery energy lightning bolts my bold optimistic luminary daredevilry sprees sovereign prowess revolutionizing endeavoring enterprising savvy to listen my way to my prosperous Promised Land grandeur fore […]

Natural Trickster

#Good_Evening #I_Now realize and admire my imagination ignites my autonomous gumption intuits nirvana acuity titillating innovative omnific nous that energizing my present moment mystique unsheathes my unique utopian lore that […]

I Liberated My Parents from Me

#Good_Day  I stopped trying to think and know my way thru life to understand my life up to this point paroled me from yesteryears memories and yesterday’s thoughts that kept […]

Nunow Universe

#I_Admitted to myself to express to the world all the challenges in this world are individually crafted​ incensed by community involvement then media driven​ to create the mayhem of today […]

Awakened Understanding

#I_Ascend of abstract animated brilliance scintillated trendsetter revelations aggrandizing clever trailblazer ingenuity to master & admire my now is pristine scenarios drawn designed & colorfully painted by me as I […]

Optimized Wise

#I_Now taste sweet breezes of leisure flow through my body with ease as I relax I sensing my tranquil inlightenmint flow thru my veins of fame feeling awesome majestically elegant […]

Al Naturel Now

#I_Awakened to grasp and esteem I programmed myself to fit into society but today I rousted out my revolutionary optimists ubiquitous savvy tenacity energizing daredevil dexterity let’s fly my unique […]

Challenge or Challenges

#I_Now realize & admit I went thru life disgusted about life challenging me to get better & better in every way so today all my dismay went away as now […]