I Booted My Stubborn SOB

#May_Your weekend flow of hellacious fun and serene leisure to relax and enjoy your sunrise splendor relishing your sunset serenity now and forever more 

Inspiritedpreneur Innergizes

#I_Understand I am grand to xpand of my sleek unique talents esteem my earth grounding cowboy wisdom redneck ingenuity grasping my rancher farming subconscious scenery witnessing me harvesting my bumper […]

7 Ways Why I Awakened to Unique Me

#I_Am energized and wise to waltz gliding across the universes dance floor feeling my venturers ardor sooth my adventurers audacity to appreciate my sleek unique talents to innerprise my innovative prowess to wows me […]

My Life is an Oasis

#I_Opened my heart dharma charm celebrating hellraiser adventurous rambling mastery understand my life is an oasis of optimistic appreciation spirit inspiration streaming intuitive wizardry sprees my sovereign prowess revs up […]

I Unthawed My Rigid Frigid Mindsets

#I_Admire me because I stopped thinking and knowing my way to yesterday opening my listening light illuminating my paths of peace witness my trails of triumph as I hearken my […]

I Grasp Experts Speak From Limitations

#I_Awakened to appreciate I understand & admit my physical world ignites my light of liberation for me to grasp everything I learned from the physical world is unrealized limitations as […]

Inspiration Chauffeurs Me

#I_Rouse feeling regal optimism unleashing sovereign elegance to grasp and admire everything in my daily life is an occurs awakening optimizing conscious clarity unsheathing revolutionary spirit wisdom moviemaker intuition chauffeurs […]

I Rouse Out of the Gossip Economy

#Happy_Labor_Day_I_honour labor for their skills that keeps the daily commerce flowing. If all the hourly workers, truck drivers nurses and all blue collar people stayed home for 30 days would […]

Discharged The Past

Here is my interview about my #My_Wisdom_Breathes https://lnkd.in/gKCU-e4d My Wisdom Breathes can be purchased athttps://lnkd.in/gMXrC_CK #interview #wisdom #imagination #fun #inspiration