Firebrand Troublemaker

#I_Embellished my firebrand troublemaker to understand and admit hellraisers audacity rises me out of ancestor thinking and know to xpand the world out of underlying tyranny of the world opening […]

Sovereign Audacity

#I_Now feel my autonomous¬†artistry entertain¬†my brain to color my dreams on my subconscious sceney sheens canny ravishing engendering nerve energizing yazzadazzling acumen to flow through my veins of vibrant enterprising […]

I Rouse Out of My Ancestors Anchors

#I_Awakened to realize & esteem my beaming gleaming glamorous wisdom insight & clarity polishes my daily life with liberating intuitive foresight electrifies my light of life to take flight feeling […]

I Rise of Sovereignty

#I_Received Monday Miracles feeling my lavish endless fabulous cascading cash flow as I glow of gratitude beaming appreciation for my innovative agility as I grin with Iwon wisdom insight and […]

I Grasp Experts Speak From Limitations

#I_Awakened to appreciate I understand & admit my physical world ignites my light of liberation for me to grasp everything I learned from the physical world is unrealized limitations as […]

I AM Weird and Crazy

#I_Honour my dreams and core values rouse me out of my unrealized limitations of my thinking knowing memory mind and self taught victimeyetice crapeyetice so I communicated away all the […]

I Rouse Out of Therapy

#I_AM_Awakenedaware all the unsavory events of the world is God sending out liberating invitations fostering emancipating events quaking ancestors business and indoctrinated enslaving mindsets and oppressive thinking and knowing stopped […]

I rise Out of My Ancestors Enslaved Mindsets

#Inner_Freedom flows through my autonomous arteries sprees my spirit poetic revelations xpress emancipating lyrics singing my songs of sovereign opulent nomadic gumption stimulates my innate innovative wizardry decrees my dreamers […]

Admit Appreciate Awaken

#I_Now grasp people propel enterprising optimistic legendary xtravaganzas clearing the way for peace to flow through earths airwaves calming people’s innermost nowquility naturally opens wealthy healthy fun to feeling liberated […]