Why Think and Know Stops the Flow

#I_Listen and witness my desert mystique to understand desert scenery maybe misleading to me because of my egotistical arrogant stubbornness know it all hardheadedness because I would rather be right […]

Negativity is Self Taught

#I_Now understand and admire my fiery foresight illuminating my trails of relaxation feeling calm canny audacity lumens my enterprising wizardry sprees my spirit prowess rousts endeavoring energy to rise of wisdom […]

I Dance with My Now

#I_feel my heart beats neat feats of financial bliss energizing adroit trailblazer spectaculars colorfully my eyes with pristine scenery of my dreams desired lifestyle and money up accomplished outcomes basking […]

My Life Invites

#I_AM awakenedaware of my fluidity flair feel liberating fluency flow through me maturing endeavoring innerprising prowess to wows my thrillskills calm’s my innovative ardor actuates rebellious daredevil optimistic rousts venturers vitality […]

Aerodynamic Liberating Lingo

#I_Rouse today with aerodynamic liberating lingo lasers frequencies of freedom rebelliously energizing quixotic ubiquitous enterprising nomadic canny innovative endeavors streaming my sassy trendsetter revelations entertains animated mystical intuitive numinous genius calming […]

I Am a Flowing River of Revelations

#Today_Is the day I liberated me from me letting fly my miraculous epiphanies illuminated my innermoxie loving life unfettered my intuitive nous animated torchbearer engendering daredevilry to face and embrace […]

Merry Christmas

#I_Aspire your life to flow of glowing love fun relaxation and abundances now and forever more in a bright bold loving way Merry Christmas Video for you https://youtube.com/shorts/U0PEiYJV_Ys?si=ao7YYPtjKWIuXfZM

I Am Light and Bright

#I_Now realize and admire 2023 freed my 2024 to roar and soar of stunning opulence aggrandizing rich streaming elegance to enhance my life of luxurious leisure as I bask relaxing […]

Draw the Line in the Sand

#Seven_Days before Christmas I let fly my Yuletide Glide of genuine love immaculacy frees my sunrise spirit sheens my soulful peace that calms the earth’s airwaves streaming present moment peace […]

Fuck It

#My_Rancherwit spurred me this morning without warning to express my nowfound fortitude of f..k it shuck the muck pluck to show the world my gallant confidence courage and autonomic audacity […]