I Liberated Me From Failure

#I_Now grasp all my external world shows me my internal blockages barriers and limitations because I taught myself I change my life on my physical plane was my egotistical stuck […]

I Booted My Stubborn SOB

#May_Your weekend flow of hellacious fun and serene leisure to relax and enjoy your sunrise splendor relishing your sunset serenity now and forever more 

Paramount Revelations

#Today_Is the day I rebellious out of myself torment of my overthinking mind that wound and bound me in socialized stressed out in doubt pouting about everything is owed to […]

I Awakened To Easy

#I_Feel freedom flow through my veins of gamers gumption to forever rise of sovereign liberation listening intuitively boldly enterprising revolutionary adventurous trendsetter innovative omnific nous to admit I understand the simplicity […]

Life Is Fun Everyday

#I_Now_Realize and admit the only person that has any affect on my day so now I play on streets of fancy free experiencing sovereign liberation witnessing observing listening to my […]

I Unprogrammed My Programmed

#I_Opened my liberated eyes emancipated ears to witness observe and hearken the sovereign savvy of my daily rendezvous with the events encounters xperiences and out of everywhere dares for me to […]

I Rouse Out Of

#Today_Is the day I danced daredevil different dawns my spawning splendorous peace appreciating wanderers ingenuity neons gleaming sovereign liberation feeling my genuine kind heart hutzpah understanding and admitting showcasing my […]

Liberating Wisdom

#I_Opened my sovereign eyes to realize my wise ears hearken hellraiser enterprising acumen revolutionizing keen engendering nomadic foresight ignites my light o leer opens my sight seer savvy to understand the […]