7 Ways Why Blue Collar Leadership

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to listen witness and observe my life through neutral nirvana opens my eyes of listening to hearken my unique life’s liberation invitations that rises me onto my paths […]

I Awakened To Easy

#I_Feel freedom flow through my veins of gamers gumption to forever rise of sovereign liberation listening intuitively boldly enterprising revolutionary adventurous trendsetter innovative omnific nous to admit I understand the simplicity […]

Sovereign Liberation

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to understand and admit education and business has stolen the sovereignty of my country as I now understand the bigger lie the more you tell […]

7 Ways Why Perfection Programming Lies

#I_Am awakenedaware I stopped setting goals to understanding the liberation sovereignty of accomplished outcomes opens unending trailblazer celebrating opulent money energy streaming my lavish endless cash flow glowing of gusto […]

I Unprogrammed My Programmed

#I_Opened my liberated eyes emancipated ears to witness observe and hearken the sovereign savvy of my daily rendezvous with the events encounters xperiences and out of everywhere dares for me to […]

Inspiritedpreneur Innergizes

#I_Understand I am grand to xpand of my sleek unique talents esteem my earth grounding cowboy wisdom redneck ingenuity grasping my rancher farming subconscious scenery witnessing me harvesting my bumper […]

I Rouse Out Of

#Today_Is the day I danced daredevil different dawns my spawning splendorous peace appreciating wanderers ingenuity neons gleaming sovereign liberation feeling my genuine kind heart hutzpah understanding and admitting showcasing my […]

Thruvivall Stops Survival

Introducing a nunow word Thurvivall (Thrive thru all)  #I_Awakened to thurvivall gumption rising out of ancestor survival mode malarkey stop speaking the herdocracy of socialized words that keep me thinking […]

Featureless Canvas

#I_Awakened to grasp & admit all fears are stored in my subconscious mind vaults of vandalous apathetic useless losery torment invoking within me that I think is outside me is […]

I Never Wear a Neck Tie

#Today_is the day I rouse out of being a badass because badass people brag about what they do as I am a stouthearted savant showing people a better way to […]