I Liberated Me From Failure

#I_Now grasp all my external world shows me my internal blockages barriers and limitations because I taught myself I change my life on my physical plane was my egotistical stuck […]

Life Is Fun Everyday

#I_Now_Realize and admit the only person that has any affect on my day so now I play on streets of fancy free experiencing sovereign liberation witnessing observing listening to my […]

Why is Today the Best Day of My Life?

#Today_Is the day my life rises and surprises me setting me free sprees my safariing spectaculars innergizes my campaigners curiosity entices my rice throwing gamblers rambling rebellious wizardry understanding and […]

I Blasted Out of the Fallacies of Self Help

#Today_Is the day Cowboy Wisdom Hypnoacuity shows the world a better way to rise out of their current situations because Cowboy Wisdom Hypnoacuity Enterprises innergizes innerprising communication through listening liberation […]

Wisdom Insight Clarity

#I_Awakened to my listening lithe that cleared my paths of prowess that smoothed my trails of triumph instantly chauffeured me onto my bravado airwaves hellacious health wealth fun and financial freedom […]

Appreciate Compliments

#Magic_Monday arrived xpressing thriving enlivened enterprising chillskills thrilling my trailblazing bravado instantly innergized my witted grit get and go instantly throwing my lush prosperity party steaming pristine peace within me 

Sovereign Rendevous

#I_Awakened to my venturers vigor unleashed my xplorer audacity to grab the mane of mountain bred mustang to ride across the mountains passes to my gold mines of prime time […]

Wisdom Unleashes My Money Magician

#Today_Is the day I rouse to understand and admit my money magician is my listening wisdom insight clarity to understand and esteem my spirit prowess wows my heart hutzpah soul […]

I Rouse Out of Truth

#Today_Is the day I opened my sovereign eyes heart wisdom soul spontaneity let fly my spirit prowess to listen to the cosmic camaraderie of my dreams desired lifestyle and moneyed […]

Negativity is Socialized Brainwashed Bullshit

#I_Now admit to me myself and I all my self taught torment that ingrained my negative thinking knowing negative mind that was deepened by the daily media I encountered from […]