Sassy Safariing Chillskills

#I_Opened my chillskills thrills my rabble rousing innovator xcites my inventors ardors to animate regal dreamers optimistic rendezvousing savvy to listen to my earths enterprising acumen tantalizing harmonizing spectaculars colored […]

Calm Classy Communication

#I_Now realize and admire my fiery heart charm that disarms all my hidden harming thinking knowing and thoughts that conjure up my worrywart snorts from within me that were my […]

I Unthawed My Rigid Frigid Mindsets

#I_Admire me because I stopped thinking and knowing my way to yesterday opening my listening light illuminating my paths of peace witness my trails of triumph as I hearken my […]

Xpand is Grand

I awakenedaware of the dare of my daredevil audacity revolutionary enterprising wizardry sprees my spirit poetic revelations eloquently expressing my visionary voguish vitality entertains my brain bravado with bold rebellious […]

Intimate Peace

#I_Now realize and admit I am my Christmas Eve since I am a genuine gift of love to the world as my free flowing heart & soul’s Christmas Spirit shines […]

Hark the Spark

#My_Innerrising spirit prowess shines my sovereign hellraisers innocence neons engendering spunk streaming poetic elegant ultramundane nomadic kinetic energy awakens my heart wisdom soul inspiration sovereign valor optimizes visionary adventurous hellraisers […]

Youtube Videos December 15 2023

#Todays_Youtube Videos for your listening pleasure I Listen to My Sunrays of Praise   I awakened to my unrealized talents   I Listen to My Sunny Sovereign Valor

I Rouse Out of Socialized Media Manipulation

#I_Awakened to my hearts Christmas Spirit innergized my souls 2024 ardor to soar of success opening ubiquitous luxurious splendor to flow through my cells of celebration as I enjoy my […]

People Communicate With People

#I_Feel freedom flow fostering lyrical rhymes that chime my sublime prime time mystical moviemaker marvels videos my pristine sunrise splendor that colors my subconscious scenery illuminating my superconscious magnetized electroscenarios […]

I Rouse Out of My Brainwashed Box

#I_Rise of my inborn ACIQ audacity curiosity investigative questions that query the riddles & mysteries of my fears scaredy brattiness my dreams & desired lifestyle as I awakened to grasp […]