I Booted My Stubborn SOB

#May_Your weekend flow of hellacious fun and serene leisure to relax and enjoy your sunrise splendor relishing your sunset serenity now and forever more 

I Awakened To Easy

#I_Feel freedom flow through my veins of gamers gumption to forever rise of sovereign liberation listening intuitively boldly enterprising revolutionary adventurous trendsetter innovative omnific nous to admit I understand the simplicity […]

Thruvivall Stops Survival

Introducing a nunow word Thurvivall (Thrive thru all)  #I_Awakened to thurvivall gumption rising out of ancestor survival mode malarkey stop speaking the herdocracy of socialized words that keep me thinking […]

Featureless Canvas

#I_Awakened to grasp & admit all fears are stored in my subconscious mind vaults of vandalous apathetic useless losery torment invoking within me that I think is outside me is […]

I Appreciate Me

#Millionaire_Monday arrives innergizes billionaire Tuesday innerprising wise wealthy Wednesday brightens Trillionaire Thursday enterprising financial bliss Friday chauffeurs me to my serene Saturday relaxing on my beaches silent serenity listening to […]

I Appreciate Me to Love Me

#I_Awakened today to understand I rise of appreciation for my acumen abilities agility and audacity that shines sovereign hellraiser intuitive nous xpands my understanding there is pain in change xpand […]

Lightning Bolt Liberation

#I_Am purely liberated from snapshot gossiping as I awakened to understand social media national media and sports media is egotistical arrogant gossip feeding their egos and to look good in […]

Media is Melancholy Excuses

#I_Rebelliously Rouse out of bovine trained mind to unwind my prime time divine daredevilry to sprees my spirit poetic revelations energizing engendering spontaneous adventurous audacity to face the my life […]

Radical Redneck

#I_Awakened to my outpouring sovereignty to rise out of my thinking knowing memory opinions beliefs & viewpoints that I ingrained from thinking the world was full of negativity was a […]

Audaciously Appreciate

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to stop speaking my truth that is controlled by my thinking knowing mind viewpoints opinions and beliefs of what I think the world should be […]