Sovereign Rendevous

#I_Awakened to my venturers vigor unleashed my xplorer audacity to grab the mane of mountain bred mustang to ride across the mountains passes to my gold mines of prime time […]

Robisms #7

#Good_Morning May your Monday flow of pristine peace and plush prosperity now and forever more


#Good_Morning #I_Now realize & admire life shows me the way to my Promised Land as I listen to my innate wizards of the universe as I witness my daily travels […]

Natural Trickster

#Good_Evening #I_Now realize and admire my imagination ignites my autonomous gumption intuits nirvana acuity titillating innovative omnific nous that energizing my present moment mystique unsheathes my unique utopian lore that […]

Sovereign Spirituality

#I_Now realize & admire the wisdom to expand through life hides inside my challenges & chaos to breakout of my thinking knowing minds energizing my imaginative wisdom to expand my […]

Appreciation for My Parents

#Good_Evening As I now understand and admire my life through my liberating inspirations feeling my emotions energizing my optimistic trailblazer innovative omnificence neon’s stupendous splendorous bliss brightly colors my life […]


#My_Sunrise praised me for my nowborn nous that I AM good enough just the way I AM as I expand thru life lionizing internal felicity enjoy life with gleaming glorious […]

Champion Candor

#I_Wakened to my inner innovative nirvana naturally energizing rabble rousing self worth to rise above my current way life to thrive of my clairvoyant omnificence entertains my brain brilliant resplendence […]

My Jailbreak from Yesterday

#I_Rousted out my optimistic ubiquitous tenacity to grasp & esteem my imagination shows me my trendsetter talent moviemaker magic & traveler savvy that unleashed my wily wanderer’s thrillpower turns on […]


#I_Awakened to realize and admire my imagination and dreams are my trendsetting truth & rapturous reality that opens my hearing eyes & seeing ears to grasp & esteem I see […]