I Liberated Me From Failure

#I_Now grasp all my external world shows me my internal blockages barriers and limitations because I taught myself I change my life on my physical plane was my egotistical stuck […]

7 Ways Why I Awakened to Unique Me

#I_Am energized and wise to waltz gliding across the universes dance floor feeling my venturers ardor sooth my adventurers audacity to appreciate my sleek unique talents to innerprise my innovative prowess to wows me […]

Liberating Wisdom

#I_Opened my sovereign eyes to realize my wise ears hearken hellraiser enterprising acumen revolutionizing keen engendering nomadic foresight ignites my light o leer opens my sight seer savvy to understand the […]

Zillionaire Zeal

#I_Busted out of the stealth communication barrier between the college educated the third world business mindset snf wage earners as I realize that barrier exists as educated people run on […]

I Rouse Out of Socialized Media Manipulation

#I_Awakened to my hearts Christmas Spirit innergized my souls 2024 ardor to soar of success opening ubiquitous luxurious splendor to flow through my cells of celebration as I enjoy my […]

Backbone Bravado

#I_Now awakened understand & unsheathe my genuine divine mystique of marvelous yazzadazzling savvy titillating quixotic ubiquitous engendering gumption that galvanizes ultra maestro prowess tantalizing innovative omnific nous naturally optimizes utopia […]

I Voice

#I_Relish my liminal carpet glide floating on my seabreezes of easy streams my innovative intuitive dreams thru my universes visionary epiphanies colors the sketches of my moneyed up accomplished outcomes […]

Locksmith Intuition

#I_Now never drift in shift as I now rise feeling my spirit sunrise surprise me with innerrising revelations lifts me onto my liminal carpet glide of genuine lyrical ingenuity fostering […]

I Awakened to My Now

#I_Awaken to understand and admit all my self sabotage is my subconscious frozen in time representations trying to keep me safe my comfort zone as I now realize and admire […]