I Am Sovereign

#I_Rise of inspiration clears yesterday’s debris sprees sovereign peace enjoying everyday serenity within me now and forever more

7 Ways Why Blue Collar Leadership

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to listen witness and observe my life through neutral nirvana opens my eyes of listening to hearken my unique life’s liberation invitations that rises me onto my paths […]

I Rise of Appreciation

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to dauntlessly appreciate me for my and my sovereign talents to laugh at my life’s liberating invitations feeling energized and wise surprises me with my […]

Life Is Fun Everyday

#I_Now_Realize and admit the only person that has any affect on my day so now I play on streets of fancy free experiencing sovereign liberation witnessing observing listening to my […]

I Unprogrammed My Programmed

#I_Opened my liberated eyes emancipated ears to witness observe and hearken the sovereign savvy of my daily rendezvous with the events encounters xperiences and out of everywhere dares for me to […]

Why Think and Know Stops the Flow

#I_Listen and witness my desert mystique to understand desert scenery maybe misleading to me because of my egotistical arrogant stubbornness know it all hardheadedness because I would rather be right […]

Inspiritedpreneur Innergizes

#I_Understand I am grand to xpand of my sleek unique talents esteem my earth grounding cowboy wisdom redneck ingenuity grasping my rancher farming subconscious scenery witnessing me harvesting my bumper […]

I Never Wear a Neck Tie

#Today_is the day I rouse out of being a badass because badass people brag about what they do as I am a stouthearted savant showing people a better way to […]

#I_Image_My Inspiration coloring my dreams on subconscious canvas sketching and describing images of my inspirations mystically animating genuine endeavoring splendor understanding I listen to my spirit spectaculars innerprise my nowquility nirvana […]