I Am Liberated Imperfection

#I_Witness my politically incorrect audacity to rise onto cosmic breezes of easy living lighting up my innate prosperous paradises innergizes my gamblers gumption realizing life is a ambling adventurous awakening […]

Drain Blame

#I_Rouse out of my maligned mindsets of revenge thinking knowing opinions beliefs viewpoints parents socialized brainwashing propagandize education business enslaved mindsets from indoctrinated¬†gossip from silent society’s control instantly opened my […]

Admit Appreciate Awaken

#I_Now grasp people propel enterprising optimistic legendary xtravaganzas clearing the way for peace to flow through earths airwaves calming people’s innermost nowquility naturally opens wealthy healthy fun to feeling liberated […]

I Rouse of Struggle

#I_Rise of rich internal splendor enshrines my divine daredevilry that sprees my spirit prowess revolutionizes enterprising endeavoring savvy to grasp & admire my fiery desire decrees I dance everyday celebrating […]

Rise of Sovereign Xpansion

#I_Rouse today understanding and admiring me and you are the assets of the world as business profits are a byproduct of people having money as business today is stuck in […]

Colorful Revelations

#I_Now realize & admit all my conflicts barriers blockages and limitations are within me maturing enterprising wizardry sprees my sovereign prowess revolutionizing endeavoring engendering savvy to I listen to my […]

Trails of Triumph

#Good_Day may your flow with fun and lavish ceaseless abundances as you receive lush never ending cascading cash flow as you experience a life of fun of the sun leisure […]

I AM Chilled Thrilled and Skilled

#I_Now realize admit my spirit is my natural nous dispelling my self embedded louses to oblivion to nowIbegin with nowIwon feeling fun freeing unlimited nirvana listening to grasp my intuition […]