7 Ways Why Blue Collar Leadership

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to listen witness and observe my life through neutral nirvana opens my eyes of listening to hearken my unique life’s liberation invitations that rises me onto my paths […]

Zillionaire Zeal

#I_Busted out of the stealth communication barrier between the college educated the third world business mindset snf wage earners as I realize that barrier exists as educated people run on […]

I Communicate With Me

#I_Awakened to grasp my streaming sovereign splendorous bliss flows through my veins my visionary elegance dances me out of my worn out mindsets to tango with witted grit get and […]

I Rouse Out of My Ancestors Anchors

#I_Awakened to realize & esteem my beaming gleaming glamorous wisdom insight & clarity polishes my daily life with liberating intuitive foresight electrifies my light of life to take flight feeling […]

I Rouse Out of Socialized Media Manipulation

#I_Awakened to my hearts Christmas Spirit innergized my souls 2024 ardor to soar of success opening ubiquitous luxurious splendor to flow through my cells of celebration as I enjoy my […]

Liminal Carpet Glide

#I_Now opened my innergized eyes to realize Monday’s magic innerprizes Tuesday treasure troves of gold to arrive at my door on Wednesday at sunrise surprising me to grasp & admire […]

Megastar Mystique

#I_Rise of relaxation feeling adventurous aspirations understand and admiring my spirit is never overscrutinizes my life events as my spirit is my sightseers prowess invigorates regal internal temerity that calms my […]

In the Game

#I_Witnessed greatness within me as I magically energizing my core decor as I soar of illuminated imagination I witness my earthly scamper with sassy clever acuity mystically propelling enterprising reveries […]

My Spirit Rises

#Good_Day As I awakened to my heavenly heyday here on earth I feel ecstatic awesome rebellious​ unsheathed my​ troublemaker hutzpah ​that ​show​s​ the world it’s my divine right to shine […]

My Mystical Magical Heart

#Good_Evening #I_Lionize the wise in others to stop smothering my dreams in my know it all ignorance that kept me locked in closet of myself control because I was afraid […]