Paramount Revelations

#Today_Is the day I rebellious out of myself torment of my overthinking mind that wound and bound me in socialized stressed out in doubt pouting about everything is owed to […]

I Awakened To Easy

#I_Feel freedom flow through my veins of gamers gumption to forever rise of sovereign liberation listening intuitively boldly enterprising revolutionary adventurous trendsetter innovative omnific nous to admit I understand the simplicity […]

I Rise of Appreciation

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to dauntlessly appreciate me for my and my sovereign talents to laugh at my life’s liberating invitations feeling energized and wise surprises me with my […]

7 Ways Why Perfection Programming Lies

#I_Am awakenedaware I stopped setting goals to understanding the liberation sovereignty of accomplished outcomes opens unending trailblazer celebrating opulent money energy streaming my lavish endless cash flow glowing of gusto […]

Why Think and Know Stops the Flow

#I_Listen and witness my desert mystique to understand desert scenery maybe misleading to me because of my egotistical arrogant stubbornness know it all hardheadedness because I would rather be right […]

Daredevil Dreamer

#I_Innergized my venturers vivacity to vehemently invigorates verve awakens champion innovative trailmaker yazzawow avows my here and now endows endeavors nomadic dexterity optimizes wanders spontaneous swashbuckler bravado brightly radiates autonomous vigor […]

Liberating Wisdom

#I_Opened my sovereign eyes to realize my wise ears hearken hellraiser enterprising acumen revolutionizing keen engendering nomadic foresight ignites my light o leer opens my sight seer savvy to understand the […]

Featureless Canvas

#I_Awakened to grasp & admit all fears are stored in my subconscious mind vaults of vandalous apathetic useless losery torment invoking within me that I think is outside me is […]