I Awakened To Easy

#I_Feel freedom flow through my veins of gamers gumption to forever rise of sovereign liberation listening intuitively boldly enterprising revolutionary adventurous trendsetter innovative omnific nous to admit I understand the simplicity […]

My Life Invites

#I_AM awakenedaware of my fluidity flair feel liberating fluency flow through me maturing endeavoring innerprising prowess to wows my thrillskills calm’s my innovative ardor actuates rebellious daredevil optimistic rousts venturers vitality […]

Aerodynamic Love

#I_Am adventurously majestic magically azzending feeling frequencies of easy effortlessly loving life’s liberating imaginative fervor elegance dances my daredevil sovereignty through my arteries of artistic ability coloring my universe with […]

Radical Redneck

#I_Awakened to my outpouring sovereignty to rise out of my thinking knowing memory opinions beliefs & viewpoints that I ingrained from thinking the world was full of negativity was a […]

Audaciously Appreciate

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to stop speaking my truth that is controlled by my thinking knowing mind viewpoints opinions and beliefs of what I think the world should be […]

Light of Liberation

#I_Thrive listening and rising out of chaos challenges adversity and controversy that are my individualized awakenings that animated wanderers acumen keenly electrifies neon intuitive nirvana galas as I celebrate harmonious […]

#I_Now fathom & esteem life xpresses to me love internally free everything within me lionizing optimistic vibrant energy streaming my harmonizing heart heroism gleams my sunny soul splendor thru the […]

Youtube Videos December 15 2023

#Todays_Youtube Videos for your listening pleasure I Listen to My Sunrays of Praise https://youtube.com/shorts/dnnmslKt2fk?si=wAXk0XRZl_eXBCxR   I awakened to my unrealized talents https://youtube.com/shorts/IelFi83l4Zc?si=52Lh-1nR1EdwZ8do   I Listen to My Sunny Sovereign Valor https://youtube.com/shorts/IEbpYCVcDDw?si=29TEnYUnEIbFm04d

Blazing Emotions

#I_Opened my heart hutzpah effrontery emotions soul sunny sovereignty 2 understand & xpand I rise of intuitive wizardry decrees I springs free my flowing rebellious energy electrifies my enterprising surprising […]