7 Ways Why I Am Inspired Alive Inside

#I_Now awakened to my ingenious serendipitous brilliance radiating innate leadership listening energizing adventurous daredevil endeavoring rebel savvy hellraiser innovative prowess rockets my to airwaves of sovereign liberation embracing my innermost […]

Today I Stopped

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to admit to me I am a sovereign energy on spirit voyage shedding shredding and communicating away being a human being because I was told I was a […]

Why is Today the Best Day of My Life?

#Today_Is the day my life rises and surprises me setting me free sprees my safariing spectaculars innergizes my campaigners curiosity entices my rice throwing gamblers rambling rebellious wizardry understanding and […]

I Incompass Audacious Verve

#I_Am awakenedaware of the dare to grasp and esteem to rise I first ask to I incompass the audacity to feel my campaigners courage to ride hell bent for election to […]

Why Does Mindset Mirror Quicksand

 I am sharing this because it gleams Dynowisdom #I_Innerprised my Picasso Artistry sketches my dreamers paradises on my third eye movie screen gleams my genuine lyrical animated audacity magically streams […]

I Communicate With Me

#I_Awakened to grasp my streaming sovereign splendorous bliss flows through my veins my visionary elegance dances me out of my worn out mindsets to tango with witted grit get and […]

Robisms #7

#I_Feel my Christmas Spirit innergizes my immaculate nirvana neons xhilerating rebellious gumption invigorating zestful elegance gleams genuine luminary enterprising acuity magically streaming my innovative witted grit get and go galvanizing […]

I Rouse Out of My Sheeple Circus

#I_Feel my Santa Claus clarity flow thru my heart harmonizing engendering adventurous rebellious travelers trailblazing bravado brightens rad animated vibrancy aggrandizing daredevil optimism of intuits spontaneous mystique to rise from […]