Rise Innergize Innerprize

#I_Grasp my supreme gallantry sprees my spirit prowess revolutionizes everyday xtravaganzas celebrating my here and now with wow avows I Am awesome visionary omnific wealthy splendor glides me to ride […]

Mature Sovereignty

#I_Am awakenedaware of my debonair flair frees literary artistic inspired revelations that rise me onto my mountain tops of trailblazer optimistic poise streams my esteemed innerprising wizardry sprees my spirit […]

I Inspired My Inner Dialog

#I_Innerprized my sunrise savant to streams spectacular trailblazer revelation enterprising artistic mystical splendor coloring my universe with my charismatic charm celebrating hellraiser animated revelation magically innergizes me maturing elegance to dance […]

My Life Invites

#I_AM awakenedaware of my fluidity flair feel liberating fluency flow through me maturing endeavoring innerprising prowess to wows my thrillskills calm’s my innovative ardor actuates rebellious daredevil optimistic rousts venturers vitality […]

Relaxing Leisure

#I_Opened my adventurous acuity to rise of optimistic fervor ardor animating rebellious daredevilry optimizing revolutionary forerunner fun fostering unlimited nirvana streams to me from everywhere as awakenedaware to appreciate my dreamers […]

#I_Awakened to understand and admire my life is forever luminous immaculate felicity electrifies my frequencies of ecstasy neons my colorful charm rainbows through the universe coloring my world with copious […]

Listen Communicate

#I_Now eavesdrop on the universes breezes of bravura brilliance opens my listening bliss to lightning bolts intuitive serendipitous splendor that beams from heart coloring the cosmic skies with my souls […]

I rise Out of My Ancestors Enslaved Mindsets

#Inner_Freedom flows through my autonomous arteries sprees my spirit poetic revelations xpress emancipating lyrics singing my songs of sovereign opulent nomadic gumption stimulates my innate innovative wizardry decrees my dreamers […]

Admit Appreciate Awaken

#I_Now grasp people propel enterprising optimistic legendary xtravaganzas clearing the way for peace to flow through earths airwaves calming people’s innermost nowquility naturally opens wealthy healthy fun to feeling liberated […]